Two Attorney Settlement Panel for Probate

Provided by the Bar Association of Northern San Diego County as a Public Service to Promote the Orderly Resolution of Disputes

The Two Attorney Settlement Panel is an alternative dispute resolution process provided by the Bar Association of Northern San Diego County (?Bar Association?) at no charge. Panel members volunteer their time for up to three hours, and the settlement format is flexible.

It has been proven that disputes that are settled by agreement are much less likely to need subsequent enforcement action than those imposed by a judge. When information is exchanged between litigants, the vast majority of cases settle. This process has achieved those results year after year.

To learn more about the process, read the Request for Voluntary Settlement Conference.

To arrange a two attorney settlement conference, please take the following steps:

  1. Review the List of Panel Members and eliminate those that are not acceptable or with whom you have a potential conflict.
  2. Provide dates that you and your client are available to attend the settlement conference and circulate that information to your opponent(s).
  3. Coordinate with your opponent(s) to find acceptable panel members and conference dates.
  4. Contact the agreed panel members to determine availability and the date of the conference. Check the availability of the courthouse meeting room by calling Probate Services at (760) 201-8482 and selecting option 5. If the Bar Association conference room is preferred, call the Bar Association at (760) 758-5833. You may also select another, mutually agreed location.
  5. Have your client(s) read and sign the Request for Voluntary Settlement Conference; Acknowledgment of Responsibilities and Waiver, and then deliver the signed form to the settlement officers.


If a settlement is reached, you are encouraged to put it on the record if a judge is available or to write it out and have all parties sign it at the conference. A generic form is available by clicking this link

Attorneys that have agreed to serve as settlement officers can be found on the List of Panel Members below. The Bar Association encourages experienced attorneys to serve on our panel. Attorneys wishing to serve as panel members should complete the Application for Membership.


DISCLAIMER: The Bar Association of Northern San Diego County provides this list as a free public service. It does not guarantee or warrant the competency, impartiality, or qualifications of any attorney included on the list.

See list of Panel Members Available for Two Attorney Settlement Conferences here.