Committee Objectives

Committee Objectives

The Committees of the North County Bar Association provide the foundation for the development and support for all bar and community programs and services.

Committees discuss, review and study certain issues within their jurisdiction and then take action, including recommendations to the Board.

The Board relies on committees to do much of the groundwork for its ultimate decision making, which in turn may lead to the formulation, revision or redefinition of Board policy.

Committees are also expected to submit appropriate resolutions to the Conference of Delegates.

Committee Administration

The chair shall coordinate the programs and plans of the committee and shall be responsible for advising the Board of Directors on matters that require special knowledge held by members of the committee. The chair will have full authority to act for the committee. The chair will hold at least 4 meetings per year. The chair will be responsible to and will report to the committee?s board liaison, or if the liaison so requests, the Board of Directors.

Committee chair appointments are finalized January 31 of each year.

Committee Membership

An application to join committees is provided during the annual membership drive and also is available at the office of the Bar Association. Committee membership is free.

Association Communication Guidelines

No committee member shall make any public statement on behalf of the Association without the previous authorization of the Board or the President of the Association. In no event shall any committee be authorized to bind, or act on behalf of, the Association without authorization of the Board as per bar?s by-laws.