Matt Argue

Phone: 888-704-5556

Address: 5838 Edison Place, Suite 210
Carlsbad, CA 92008

San Diego State University - Bachelor of Arts - 1986

University of Southern California Law Center - Juris Doctor- 1989

Calvary Chapel Bible College- 2001-2003

Mediator Fee Information: 
Mediator per hour rate: $150.00 per hour for the first 2 hours

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation notifications received less than
twenty one (21) days before the scheduled mediation session shall be subject a cancellation fee of $300.00 (the first 2 hours).

Deposit Policy:
A deposit equal to the Mediator’s fees for the number of hours reserved for the actual mediation session must be received by the mediator within five (5) business days of reserving the time and dates for the mediation. No personal checks will be accepted.

Other policies for first 2 hours:
All mediation fees must be paid in advance. The minimum deposit for any mediation is four hours (2 hours at the court rate of $150.00/hour and 2 hours at the private rate of $450.00/hour).

Mediator per hour rate: $450.00, ½ day and full day rates available

Cancellation Policy: 
Same as above Deposit Policy: Same as above

Other policies or fees:
All mediation fees must be paid in advance. Mediations that extend beyond 5 hours will be subject to full day rates.