Sylvia Keating

Phone: 858 774-5844

Address: P.O. Box 506553
San Diego, CA 92150

University of Louisiana, Lafayette: 1967
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan: 1979
Law Center, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: 1986

Mediator Fee Information: 
Mediator per hour rate: $250.00 per hour for the first 2 hours

Cancellation Policy:
Two hour advanced fees deposit is retained for cancelled or withdrawn mediations that are scheduled and calendared. No charge for rescheduling mediations if notification is at least three (3) days before request for rescheduling.

Deposit Policy:
All fees for scheduled mediation time are due in advance.

Other policies for first 2 hours:
Filing of Briefs is optional.

Mediator per hour rate: $250.00 per hour. Lower rates are available for smaller amounts in dispute, limited jurisdiction cases and “needs” based mediations. Billing of fees is in hourly increments.

Cancellation Policy:
See above.

Deposit Policy:
Fees for scheduled mediations are due in advance. Non-refundable fees ($150.00/hr) are first two hours of mediations. Refundable fees are those unused hours beyond the first two hours. Billing is in hourly increments.

Other policies or fees:
See above.