Arbitration & Mediation

Fee Arbitration - An active member of the association serves as the Chair of this committee, with the executive director serving as the Vice-Chair. The Chair makes policy decisions and rulings related to jurisdiction and administrative issues on individual cases, while the Vice-Chair serves as the "hands on" administrator of each case file. The Vice-Chair processes the requests, appoints the panel, and serves the award.


Gathers and presents to the board of directors nominations for the Associations’ annual award.

Bar Development

This Committee assists the Bar in developing public relations in two groups; those who are members and those who may become potential members. All directors should take on some responsibilities in this committee. Areas for growth in Member Services include: survey, personal contacts, web-page, e-mail contact networking/mixers, MCLE enhancement, and insurance potentials for members. Areas for growth in Outside Marketing include: Public relations/news, contact with new attorneys networking opportunities/mixers, MCLE for non-members creating new contacts for corporate counsel, survey for non-members.

Bar Dinners

Bench / Bar / Media

Established in 1998, the Bench, Bar, Media Committee’s mission is “To promote the open exchange of information and attitudes among local judges, journalists, and attorneys concerned with the operation of our courts.” Our goals are twofold,

  1. To provide positive, and accurate information to the media concerning the administration of the civil and criminal justice systems; and
  2. To address directly those problems that arise between the media and the courts. Patterned after a similar program in Orange County, the program began as a series of informal “lunches” at our old bar building where representatives of the bench, our bar, local journalists and others concerned with the operation of the courts would gather for a frank, “off the record” exchange of information and concerns. Currently, we meet for lunch at the District Attorney’s library on the fifth floor of the Vista Regional Center 3-4 times each year. The format for those meetings remains the same. In addition, the committee coordinates an annual Bench, Bar, Media Panel Discussion/Dinner Meeting which is jointly sponsored by the San Diego Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Those discussions/meetings have been well received by our membership.

Conference of California Bar Associations

Formerly known as the Conference of Delegates, this committee meets approximately 4 times per year to collect ideas from the members on changing to California statutory law. All ideas approved by the committee and consented to by the Board of Directors are then packaged as resolutions and submitted to the CCBA. The committee participates in the annual Conference of California Bar Association, which is comprised of local and specialty bar associations from around the state. The resolutions from all bar associations are debated at the annual conference, which usually takes place at the same location and time as the Annual Meeting of the State Bar. Many of the resolutions passed at the conference are proposed as legislation and signed into law. For more information, contact co-chairs Melissa Bustarde ( or Kim McGhee (


Serve as a liaison between the bar members and the judiciary. Should make contact early in the year with the Presiding/Supervising Judges to determine what policies and procedures they intend to implement in that year. To maintain ongoing communication, and to provide information, and assistance to the bench, in order to facilitate the best possible flow of cases through the courts.

Dinner Meetings

The Chair of this Committee is responsible for planning all dinner meeting programs. Typically, this means planning 5 meetings (March, April, May, September, and February of the following year.) The remaining meetings are usually planned, January (installation), June (Bench Bar Dinner), July and August (No Meeting), October,  Member Appreciation Dinner, November, Dinner and December (Christmas party). The Committee arranges for all speakers and coordinates with the Executive Director regarding MCLE and other requirements for the speaker.  The Chair organizes meetings of the Committee early in the year to map out the planned speakers, and follows up to make sure that all speakers will attend.

Education / MCLE

To serve as a liaison between the chair of each section and bar board. Additionally, the committee is charged with the responsibility of preparing several stand alone MCLE events or seminars. These generally include a procrastinator's seminar and are generally several hour dinner meetings. MCLE fees and the fees from the stand alone seminars are a substantial component of the Bar Association budget.


The Donor Advisory Committee for the North County Bar Fund is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors. That Chair is responsible for directing The San Diego Foundation in connection with donations in the community, and also assists in fundraising efforts for the Fund. The Chair acts as a liaison with the remainder of the Committee members drawn from other legal organizations.

Goals & Financial Development

To maintain ongoing supervision of the association's long-term financial and practical well-being and goals.

Law Day

This Committee is very important and handles a number of tasks. The Chair is required to follow up with each subcommittee and make sure all tasks are completed on time. Law Week Activities. This subcommittee coordinates all Law Day activities. These include the Essay Contest for junior high, and high school students, the Poster Contest for grade school students, and the Photo Contest for high school students. The Chair is responsible for obtaining judges, readers, and publicity as needed. It is anticipated that the program may expand to include an oratorical contest. Youth in Court Day. This subcommittee coordinates with the Court to provide attorney-guides for all classes visiting the Court. In addition, as needed, the subcommittee coordinates participants for the afternoon break-out sessions. The subcommittee may also be asked to coordinate with all participants in the noon job fair. The Chair is responsible for meetings with the Court and with the schools to assist in planning and execution.

Lawyer Referral Service

The LRS is a public service sponsored by the Bar Association of Northern San Diego County. The purpose is to link potential clients with qualified attorneys in the area of Northern San Diego County. Each year, LRS refers over 10,000 callers in need of legal assistance, and to maintain a method of referring clients to experienced attorneys, in compliance with the complete purposes and standards as set forth by the State Bar of California.


To represent the association at the annual Conference of Delegates, and to review and make recommendations related to proposed legislation which affects the profession.

Long Range Planning / Youth In Court


To maintain a quality publication, that provides members with information, education, professional development, humor, recognition and announcements.

MCLE (Rules & Procedures)

To maintain the procedures for ensuring quality continuing legal education programs and an effective method of record keeping to satisfy all requirements set forth by the State Bar of California to remain an "Approved Provider" of MCLE programs.

Membership & Meetings

To oversee the growth of the association by developing programs to attract new members, to meet the needs of the majority of members, and implement a strategic plan for retention of members.

Mentoring Program

For new lawyers, the Mentoring program puts them in contact with experienced lawyers who are ready to share their own experiences and answer questions.

People's Law School

Purpose: Program is community service/community outreach. Provides 11-12 week course on law directed to the lay public and are taught by attorney members of NCBA. Members: Interested Board of Director members with assistance from the Executive Director.

Public Information

To maintain programs which help promote a professional and positive image of the legal profession. These include, public education, information, outreach, etc.

Public Lawyers

Encourages membership among attorneys employed by public agencies and develops projects of interest to public lawyers.

Response Committee

Purpose: Respond, if appropriate and as specified in the Committee Policies and Procedures, to unjust, erroneous or inaccurate criticism of judges, courts, and/or the administration of justice. Members: Bar President, at least one third year, at least one second year, and at least one first year board of director, and no more than two retired judges. The Executive Director serves as an ex officio member. The mission of this committee is to respond, if appropriate as set forth to the policies and procedures to unjust, erroneous or inaccurate criticism of judges, courts and/or the administration of justice. This committee shall also be available to the news media and the public as a resource for information concerning judicial activities, the court process and the administration of justice.

Social Media / Website

Social Media and facebook

Speakers Committee

Purpose: Outreach to schools (from elementary to university level) to offer experienced, articulate, and entertaining members of NCBA as speakers. Future consideration will be given to offering the same to local civic groups. Members: Interested board members and the Executive Director.


Tennis Tournament, Softball League and Golf Tournament


Youth In Court