Member Benefits

LexisNexis promotion for California Enhanced for “40% savings for NCBA bar members”

The unique benefits of LexisNexis are:

  • LN has the largest collection of public records for background and asset checks, they are used by the FBI and CIA.
  • LN provides access to both California and federal dockets this includes briefs, pleadings, motions, evidence, depositions and more!
  • LN exclusive Matthew Bender treatises and practice guides are updated at least twice a year, other companies only update once.
  • LN exclusive Matthew Bender treatises provide you forms and contracts, other companies do not.
  • LN provide the largest collection of financial verdict and settlement reports.
  • Exclusive combination of an expert witness database, scientific and medical research.
  • Official provider of California case law with Shepard’s and annotated statutes.
  • Official provider of California jury instructions
  • Account Executive, Southern CaliforniaSolo and Two Attorney Firms
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